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Gentile Girl?

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The true story of a
Christian student at
Brigham Young University.

In America and around the world, Mormon missionaries and lay members eagerly share their faith. Read Gentile Girl to understand the beliefs and practices of this unique American religion.
"...[a] refreshingly balanced memoir..."
-Publisher's Weekly Religion BookLine, January 29, 2002 (Full Text)

“One of the best books ever written on this subject as it provides insight into the Mormon culture and mind.”
--Writer's Digest, April 7, 2003 (Full Text)


"Carol Forseth has written a well-balanced introduction to the Mormon world. Her experience at BYU provides a window to the LDS missionary approach and insight on the pressure to convert to Mormonism one faces when surrounded by LDS friends."
-Sandra Tanner, descendant of Brigham Young and co-founder of Utah Lighthouse Ministry

Order a Copy Gentile Girl: Living with the Latter-day Saints by Carol Avery Forseth. Original edition. 5x8, 175 pages. $11.95. Publication: January 2002.
ISBN 0-9714782-0-1
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